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Personal Injury/Automobile Accidents

My client was struck by a motor vehicle that was issued a citation for failing to yield the right of way at a stop intersection.  He sustained injuries to his back.  Despite the fact that my client had significant pre-existing back injuries the insurance company settled for just over $150,000.00 compensating him for his injuries that were the result of the automobile accident.

Worker's Compensation

My client worked at a college where he repaired various items including audio visual and recording equipment.  He was diagnosed with bladder cancer during the course of his employment.  His urologist in Florida believed that his cancer was related to the substances that he used at work to fix various items.  The doctor could not state that his cancer was related to his work to a reasonable degree of medical certainty.  I filed a Worker's Compensation claim on his behalf and despite the fact that it was extremely difficult to connect his cancer diagnoses with his work the insurance company settled for a substantial sum.

My client sustained an injury to his right wrist, right fifth finger, and right elbow during the course of his employment.  The court found that his injry was work-related and ordered weekly indemnity benefits, and payment of medical costs.  The employer failed to pay weekly compensation benefits in a timely manner and my client was awarded $1074.89 as a penalty in addition to his weekly benefits.  Rather than stay on worker's compensation benefits the client sought to settle his case which settled for $56,000.00.

Social Security Disability Claims

My client suffered from diabetic retinopathy which is a diabetic complication that affected his eyes.  It is caused by damage to the blood vessels of the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye (a/k/a the retina).  The client was having intermittent vision problems because of the condition which ranged from blurring vision to total temporary vision loss.  I filed a claim with the Social Security Administration seeking disability benefits.  The client's medical records did not note that he suffered at times from a total vision loss, and without that fact his claim would have been denied.  I questioned the doctor at the hearing and asked whether the condition could fluctuate and cause total vision loss as explained by the client.  The doctor answered in the affirmative and based upon that testimony the Judge granted the client benefits.

Criminal Cases

My client was charged with several counts of felony assault, felony discharge of a weapon, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer.  The assault counts arose from him allegedly discharging a weapon upon his three sons.  The case proceeded to trial and my client was acquitted of all counts by a jury including the charges against the police.

My client was charged with 1st degree sexual assault of a 9-year old.  He worked as document delivery person to banks.  I obtained surveillance video of all the banks that he delivered documents at the time of alleged rape.  The surveillance video proved that my client could not have been at the scene of the rape.  The charges were dismissed.  Without unequivocal proof that my client was not at the crime scene I am almost certain he would have been convicted based upon the victim's erroneous testimony.

My client was charged with domestic assault and domestic refusal to relinquish a telephone upon her daughter.  The police misconstrued what had happened at the scene and despite the fact that the daughter had initiated the altercation my client was charged.  The client's daughter had mental health issues which caused her to get violent.  The daughter had assaulted my client in Florida on a prior occasion.  The case was conferenced with the town solicitor who after investigation dismissed the charges against my client.

Family Court Cases

My client had a minor child and retained my services to file a motion for sole custody.  My client alleged that the father from whom she was divorced was sexually abusing the child.  I filed a motion to have the child examined by an expert in sexual abuse of children from Hasbro's Children's Hospital. The report concluded that the child exhibited behavior of sexual abuse by the father.  Based upon the report and other evidence in the case the court granted my motion for sole custody, and denied the father all further visitation and contact with the minor child.

Probate Cases

The client's parents set up a trust for their son.  The parents named my client's brother as the trustee of the trust.  The brother mismanaged the trust and caused it to loose all its value.  I filed a cause of action in the Rhode Island Superior Court seeking to recover the mismanaged funds from both the client's brother and the brokerage company that he worked for.  The case proceeded to arbitration and my client recovered substantial funds that were lost by the mismanagement of the trust.

The client retained me at a time when his health was deteriorating.  The client owned a condominium and wished to leave the property to his children. He was concerned how medicaid would affect his interest.  The property was re-transferred to him via a ladybird deed, which is structured to avoid any medicaid liens that he may have at the time of his death, thereby passing his interest in the property free and clear of any medicaid liens. The client also executed a Durable Power of Attorney.  This gave the client's daughter power to manage the client's affairs if the he became unable and avoided the substantial costs of establishing a guardianship through a probate court.  Finally, the client executed a Durable Power of Attorney for Heath Care to direct the client's healthcare decisions in accordance with his wishes if he became unable to do so.

Immigration Cases

My client entered the United States without inspection from Guatemala.  The Department of Homeland Security sought to deport her from the United States because of her illegal entry and lack of immigration status.  During the time my client resided in Guatemala she suffered severe physical abuse from her husband which included beatings causing her physical injury.  In Guatemala my client could not obtain protection from the police.  The case was heard before the immigration court and my client was granted withholding of removal giving her the right to stay and work in the United States.

My client was enticed to enter the United States with promises of a job from what she thought was a reputable organization.  When she arrived in the United States she discovered that the job was that of a prostitute.  The organization forced her to work as a prostitute to pay off her debt for assisting her entry to the United States.  During the course of this forced labor she was arrested and convicted of prostitution.  Several years later after terminating her "so called" employment as a prostitute the Department of Homeland Security sought to deport her from the United States because of her prostitution conviction.  The case was heard before the immigration court and I proved that she was forced to engaged in prostitution and the case was terminated.

Traffic Court Cases

My client was charged with a Driving Under the Influence First Offense and a Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test.  At the initial hearing his license was suspended because he was legally stopped after hitting a curb and knocking down cones near a construction sight.  Within a couple of days I obtained a hardship license for the client which allowed him to drive his automobile to and from work, and to and from doctor's appointments for his disabled son.  The hardship license was issued for one month  Subsequently, he was given a six month loss of license but with the ability to drive with a interlock device on his car 24 hours a day.  The Driving Under the Influence Charge was dismissed along with other traffic violations and he avoided a criminal record because he plead to Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test is a civil violation.